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Riley Short
[[File:Riley Short|250px]]
Vital Statistics
Aliases The Immigrant
Gender Male
Birthdate July 12
Zodiac Sign 25px Gladius
Age 15
Physical Attributes
Species Human
Height 5'6"
Weight 118 lbs.
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
Blood Type O Negative
Status Active
Affiliation Border
Country Japan
Branch Immigrant's Branch
Team Taniguchi Unit
Members Makoto Taniguchi

Riley Short

Yuuki Ishikawa

Occupation Border Agent
Relatives Unknown
Name Asteroid
Type Shooter
Usage Points 6542
Enlistment Usage Points 1200
Riley Short is a Border agent in the Immigrant's Branch. He is currently B-Rank and is the main character of the series, The Myriad reasons to Live.

Personality Edit

Riley used to live in the United States, and moved to japan due to the financial status of his family. As a result of barely knowing Japanese, he rarely speaks to anyone other than himself, and he is very shy and under confident. Many people have tried to help him, but nothing has truly worked so far except for Rank Battles and Taniguchi's Side Effect.


Riley used to live in Florida, a part of the United States. One day, due to his family's financial status, he was forced to move to Mikado City in Japan. Since he and a few other immigrants needed help with the language, Border set up an immigration program to make it easier for the immigrants to assimilate. Riley was one of the first agents to join as an immigrant. In exchange for their services in teaching Japanese among other things, Riley had agreed to become a Border Agent. He is the only member of the Immigrant's Branch to make it to B-Rank. He is part of Taniguchi Unit.

Abilities Edit

Riley's weapon of choice is Asteroid, which he refers to as "Trion Clay". He uses Asteroid in many creative ways once thought to be impossible, such as create a wall out of the bullets, or set traps. Riley is not very athletic or strong, so he makes up for it in cleverness and slightly higher than normal Trion

Trivia Edit

  • Riley still is learning Japanese so whenever he talks, people don't usually understand him.
  • Riley's triggers are 2 Asteroids, Teleporter, 2 Shields, Bagworm, and Meteor.