Kazuma Takeru
Kazuma Takeru
Vital Statistics
Rōmaji Takeru Kazuma
Gender Male
Age 16
Physical Attributes
Species Human
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Red
Blood Type B-
Status Active
Affiliation Border
Mentor N/A
Student N/A
Team N/A
Members N/A
Usage Points N/A
Enlistment Usage Points N/A
Side Effect N/A

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Kazuma is pretty much your normal highschool student except that he hates neighbors for attacking defencless people. He has a strong sence of justice that has pulled him into border and has no plans on joining a team at the start. He doesn't really hang out with any friends afterschool which has them believing that he can be somewhat stuck up for blowing them off.


He has brown hair, red percing eyes and slighlty tanned skin. Normally he can be seen wearing his schools uniform even when out of class a blue coat with white linning, the schools crest on one side and a white undershirt with dark pants.



Shu up intill the invasion by neighbors had lived a pretty normal life but that is all gone now he attracts neighbors for a high trion level. During the invasion he was walking to a mall with his friends when portals started to open everywhere and the trion soldiers came out and started to destroy the place and take people, everyone around him was taken but he was saved by a girl from border who had taken out all the neighbors in the area with one blow. Naturally he wanted to join border but they weren't taking application from anyone under sixteen at the time.

First ArcEdit



- His character design is from Guilty Crown and is Shu.